Teams + Staff

Providence Roller Derby has two travel teams: Our WFTDA internationally-ranked All-Stars, the Rhode Island Riveters; and our farm team, the Killah Bees.

Last year’s bodies have been buried, and the Mob Squad is back with shiny weapons, deadly looks, and well-used shovels. Think you can handle this combination of smart, strong, and lethal? Then we’ll see you on the track.

Spawned from the toxic sludge of the Sakonnet River, the Rats hearts glow green, raw with the scrap and ferocious loyalty of Providence’s gutter punks and street fighters. You know what we think of The Man.

Descended from the oldest and most respected family in Newport, the Old Money Honeys have come to conquer roller derby and play to win, equipped with their best assets: being hot and weird.

The fancy zebras in their majestic black & whites. The scurrying men and ladies in pink. The booming voices of eccentric announcers. Providence Roller Derby would not be possible without these fine folk to support the sport. We honor them.