Suburbia Double Header Recap

On the evening of April 30th, Providence Roller Derby’s Travel Teams competed in the last home game of the travel team season verses Yonkers, New York’s Suburbia, at Thayer Arena in Warwick, RI.

Rhode Island Riveters vs. Suburban Brawl

Shotz of Petrone led the first jam of the night, collecting 14 points to Suburbia’s Suburban Brawl’s 4, and continued to gain momentum as the game went on, completing the first of her several 20+ point jams just minutes later. Jammers Varla Gunz, Susie Homewrecker, Boones Harm, and Smashley Olsen also took turns scoring points during the remainder of the half. Meanwhile, the Riveters’ blockers – specifically Fuhgeddaboudit, Shreddy Roosevelt, Puma Thurman and Trannie Oakley – did a fantastic job completely shutting down scoring opportunities for their opponents, exemplified by a 13-jam streak where Suburbia was not able to score a single point. Trannie Oakley wrapped up the first half with a strong 20-point jam, bringing the score to 155 to 34.

blockers vs suburbia 2 shotz jamming blockers vs suburbia

Shotz of Petrone maintained her intensity with a masterful 30-point jam just a few minutes into the second half, and just 3 jams later picked up another 23-points for the Riveters, contributing to the impressive 147 total points she scored against Suburbia. Susie Homewrecker had a beautiful 22-point jam in the second half as well, making her and Boones Harm the next highest scoring jammers with 59 and 55 points earned, respectively. Providence’s blockers did an exceptional job restricting points for the other team, allowing them just 22 points in the second half compared to Providence’s 173.

Final score: Rhode Island Riveters: 328; Suburban Brawl: 56

Killah Bees vs. Backyard Bullies

Invigorated by the Riveter’s energy, the Bees too began their first bout with a sense of urgency, led by Sis Boom Bonnie as she scored 29 points in her first jam of the night. She completed another 20+ point jam in the first half, along with Toni Montana and Pez DespenseHer, bringing the score at halftime to 176 for the Killah Bees and 39 for the Backyard Bullies.

Artoo Blocking Toni Jamming Sis Jamming

The second half saw two more exciting high-scoring jams: a 28-point jam by Artoo Detoonate, and a 25-point jam by Nutritional Beast. Similar to the Riveters, the Bees played smart defense, preventing Suburbia from any scoring opportunities in more than half of the jams, especially due to excellent blocking teamwork between Goldie Glocks, Nutritional Beast, Sinnamon Splice, and Delta Bravo. Captain Sis Boom Bonnie concluded the bout as the top point-scorer with 91 points, while fellow captain, Toni Montana, contributed 51 points as the second-highest scorer.

Final score: Killah Bees: 315; Backyard Bullies: 81

Thank you to George Ross Photography for his fantastic game-play photography; you can view his albums from the two games here on his Facebook page.