Volunteer for Providence Roller Derby!

So you want to be a volunteer or officiate Providence Roller Derby? Read on!


Providence Roller Derby wouldn’t exist without the hard work of our non-skating officials, skating officials, and volunteers! If you’d like to help out behind the scenes in a volunteer or officiating capacity, we always have opportunities available!

Non-Skating Officials

Do you identify as a stats nerd or penalty tracker extraordinaire, or just really like stopwatches? Contact officials@providencerollerderby.com!

Skating Officials

All new Providence Skating Officials begin by going through the Skating Skills portion of the Providence Recruitment Program; after that period, they’re eligible to apply to become on-skates officials by emailing officials@providencerollerderby.com!


Do you like FREE STUFF and helping the roller derby community? Providence volunteers help keep our lights on and our games running smoothly, and in return they can earn free admission to games, merch, and all sorts of warm and fuzzy feelings.

To find out more, email volunteer@providencerollerderby.com!