Join Providence Roller Derby!

So you want to be a roller derby athlete or skating official? Read on!


Interested in joining Providence Roller Derby as a skater, official, volunteer, or visitor? We have a number of programs available in the league for you!

Skate for Providence Roller Derby!

The Providence Recruitment Program is the league’s official intake program for skaters 18+ interested in joining Providence Roller Derby as competitive athletes or on-skates officials. 

Want to join? Email and check our Facebook group Providence Roller Derby Recruitment for the latest updates regarding practice times and future recruitment events!

As part of the Recruitment Program, skaters will participate in an introductory Skills Clinic, attend weekly practices, participate in several roller derby volunteer opportunities, and attend two assessments that allow them to progress to the next skating level. The majority of these opportunities occur in the evening hours.

Over the first ten weeks, interested skaters and officials will learn how to safely skate on quad roller skates, including basic strides, falls, hops, and stops. At the end of these ten weeks, Recruitment Coaches hold Skating Skills assessments to measure skater progress.

Skaters who pass Skating Skills assessments are invited to the second session of the program: Contact Skating. (If the skater in question is interested in officiating on skates, they are considered “graduated” at this time and will move on to the on-skates Officiating Program.)

The next ten weeks are built around basic roller derby contact skills skaters will need, including taking and receiving hits, building walls, staying strong and low, and gameplay basics. After ten weeks of the Contact Skating program, coaches will hold Contact assessments.

Skaters who pass Contact assessments will be invited to officially join Providence Roller Derby as League Recruits!

How to Join the Providence Recruitment Program

To join the Providence Recruitment Program, skaters should:

  • Be 18+ or older. (Junior skaters: Check out Providence Junior Derby!)
  • Have physical ability to perform skills safely (skating experience not required)
  • Own quad roller skates
  • Own safety gear, including knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, multi-impact helmet, and mouth guard (gear available at Loaner gear may be available for skaters who do not own all of these items, but is not guaranteed.

To join us, email!

We also recommend you join our Facebook group Providence Roller Derby Recruitment, too: This is our primary point of contact for recruits regarding practice times and future recruitment events.

The Recruitment Program currently costs $40/month for weekly practices and coaching. Once approved for the program and initial dues are paid, skaters may begin at any time during the first 10 weeks of Non-Contact Skating, though the Coaching Committee recommends they attend all 10 sessions to get the most out of their training.

For our May recruitment cycle, the cutoff date is around the last week of June/first week of July; for our January recruitment cycle, the cutoff is in early March.

Officiate or Volunteer with Providence!

Providence Roller Derby wouldn’t exist without the hard work of our non-skating officials, skating officials, and volunteers! If you’d like to help out behind the scenes in a volunteer or officiating capacity, we always have opportunities available!

Transfer to Providence Roller Derby!

Do you have prior skating or roller derby experience? We offer a Transfer Program for veteran skaters and officials to get you on skates and playing (or officiating) in games faster.

How to Visit Providence Roller Derby

Skaters or officials of all genders interested in dropping in on a Providence Roller Derby practice, scrimmage, or other training opportunity are welcome and encouraged.