Featured Skater: Dita Von Muerta

Meet May’s featured new skater, Dita Von Muerta!

At a time when most kids are busy trudging through the dreaded pre-teen years, Dita Von Muerta had just started college at the young age of 13!

Dita Von Muerta brought her fearlessness and wit to the game, as one of the eleven graduating recruits from the first ever “Smash Class.” But for this pint-sized, smarty pants she invites any challenge with grace, “Fear is what makes us alive. I am afraid of heights, but have always challenged myself to face this fear.”

  1. What’s the background on your name/number?
    “My derby name reflects my ethnic background and two passions in my life. ‘Muerta’ is a nod to my Spanish and Cuban heritage, something that I want to always embody and remember. Muerta (death) is also a nod to my background in forensic bio-archaeology. The ‘Dita Von’ part is a nod to Dita Von Teese, the goddess of modern burlesque whose attitude and style I love.”
  2. Derby History/Athletic Background (if any):
    “I have one of the weirdest combinations of ‘athletic’ backgrounds that somehow have equated to roller derby. I danced ballet for seven years when I was younger, dabbled in Aikido and belly dancing, and then did Krav Maga for a few years in college.Then, after all that, I decided the next logical step was derby! I was a recruit with Free State Roller Derby in Maryland, but moved away after several months.”
  3. Most prized possessions:
    “My PS3, but I have a strong bond with my Kindle too.”
  4. Favorite color:
    “Blue.” If she was a new Crayola color? “Caribbean blue, with a swirl of purple and orange, and gold flakes.”
  5. Fashion advice::
    “No capes!”
  6. Stuck on a deserted island:
    As a Pisces, if she were stuck on a deserted island she would be sure to bring along fellow recruit Izzy Dead and Hunger Games star, Katniss Everdeen.
  7. Where to find her:
    You may find her listening to her Ru Paul Drag mix, though she may not admit to that, or getting pumped up to YouTube – My Body by The Young Giant.

“Life has taught me to learn and persevere, Roller Derby has taught me to love my body and myself.” – Dita Von Muerta

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[photo credit: Alex St. Martin, Stars Align Photography]

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