D.C. and Burning River Recap

The Rhode Island Riveters and the Killah Bees traveled to Washington, D.C. last weekend (April 16th-17th) to participate in a round-robin tournament against the D.C. Rollergirls and Cleveland, Ohio’s Burning River Roller Derby.

Commentators from D.C. Rollergirls and Burning River Roller Derby provided fun and informative live commentary via an audio stream hosted on the Rollergirl’s mixlr page, which has been archived here if you’d like to relive the games!


Providence’s Killah Bees vs. Burning River’s Hazmat Crew

Both teams took turns amassing points during the first half, keeping the score extremely close. In the last moments of the first half, Sis Boom Bonnie collected 15 points during an exciting power jam, pulling the Killah Bees into the lead with a score of 85-76. The second half included two beautiful 18-point jams by Fuhgeddaboudit and Artoo Detoonate, and additional points gained by the Bees Captain, Toni Montana, who led the team as highest scorer with 38 points contributed to the final score. Congrats to new skaters Poison Berry and Dread Velvet on their first roller derby bout, having just finished Smashley Olsen’s notorious recruitment class (more info about joining her next class here!) Another special shout-out to Sinnamon Splice and Artoo Detoonate for their first bout skating with the Killah Bees.

Final Score: Killah Bees: 162, Hazmat Crew: 151


Providence’s Rhode Island Riveters vs. D.C.’s All Stars

The Rhode Island Riveters played a challenging game against the D.C. All Stars. Despite this, they never stopped fighting, giving their all through to the final jam of the game, when Varla Gunz scored 18 points while blockers Shreddy Roosevelt, Fuhgeddaboutit, Freak N Awesome, and Shotz of Petrone held back D.C.’s jammer, working as an impenetrable wall to restrict her to just 6 points. The Riveters played a very strong and cohesive game together against an impressive and skilled team.

Final Score: D.C. All Stars: 249, R.I. Riveters: 130


Providence’s Killah Bees vs. D.C.’s National Maulers

Similar to their bout against the Hazmat Crew the day before, the Killah Bees played a very close game against D.C.’s B-team, with both teams taking turns pulling into the lead. Jetta Von Diesel completed a 19-point jam during the first half, bringing Providence to 82 points at the beginning of halftime compared to the National Maulers at 98 points, and contributing to the impressive 58 points she scored against D.C., which accounted for more than a third of Providence’s total points. Artoo Detoonate scored 24 points during a beautiful jam in the second half, minimizing the gap between the final scores, with the the D.C. National Maulers winning by only 11 points.

Final Score: D.C. National Maulers: 170, Killah Bees: 159


Providence’s Rhode Island Riveters vs. Burning River’s All Stars

In comparison to some of the other games witnessed over the weekend, the Riveters versus Burning River All Stars bout was characterized by fewer high-scoring jams, and instead by very quick jams in which the jammer secured 4 points and then immediately ended it before her opponent reached the pack, shutting out any opportunity for the opposing jammer to earn points. Shotz of Petrone capitalized on this strategy, accumulating 40 points over the course of the game as the lead scorer for the Riveters. This slow-and-steady approach contributed to a modest lead over Burning River at halftime, with Providence at 70 points and the Burning River All Stars at 47. The second half featured some excellent jamming from Smashley Olsen and Susie Homewrecker, who helped to secure the win against Burning River in another close game in which only 15 points separated the teams’ final scores.

Final Score: Riveters: 133, Burning River All Stars: 118


Congrats to all the Providence Roller Derby skaters and coaches on a weekend of intense gameplay, learning experiences, and team-building camaraderie while exploring our nation’s capitol. A special shout-out to Sis Boom Bonnie, Fuhgeddaboutit, and Buzz AllDread for representing both the Riveters and the Bees by playing in all 4 games this weekend – and a huge thank you to all the fans who traveled to D.C. or listened to the live mixlr broadcast and sent us their support virtually!