Clover Cup 2017 Recap

On the weekend of March 17th through 19th, the Rhode Island Riveters travelled to Dallas, Texas to participate in the eighth-annual Clover Cup Competition. Twelve women’s and men’s roller derby teams were invited to partake in three days of roller derby fun.

Rhode Island Riveters vs. Pikes Peak Derby Dames

wrex ppdd duane baker

oaks ppdd duane bakerWrexxy (Photo Credit: Duane Baker Photography)

On day 1, the Riveters competed against Pikes Peak Derby Dames, who travelled to TX from Colorado Springs. Both teams took turns collecting points, with PPDD ultimately winning a hard-fought game with 203 points compared to Providence’s 151.

Check out more photos from game 1 here (Hnotk Design & Photography) and here (Duane Baker Photography).


Oakley (Photo Credit: Duane Baker Photography)

Rhode Island Riveters vs. Dub City Roller Derby

dukes dc duane baker

Dukes (Photo Credit: Duane Baker Photography)

On Saturday, day 2 of the Clover Cup weekend, the Riveters played against Dub City Roller Derby, hailing from West Palm Beach, FL. The Riveters fought hard against the talented DC players, but did not score enartoo dc duane bakerough points to overcome their opponents. The final score was DC: 282 to PRD: 71.

View photos from game 2 here (Duane Baker Photography) and here (Rene Signature Photography).



Artoo (Photo Credit: Duane Baker Photography)

Rhode Island Riveters vs. Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby

On Sundayhnotk design and photog, the third and final day of the tournament, the RI Riveters were ready to take on Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby. Both teams had lost their first two games, and as such were eager to prove themselves in this final bout. The score was back-and-forth the majority of the 60 minutes of gameplay, but the Riveters kept their composure and demonstrated their strength and finished the bout in the lead. The final winning score was PRD: 194 to NWA: 145.

Look through photos from game 3 here (Duane Baker Photography)

Stay tuned as Providence Roller Derby prepares to host the first-ever Round Rhodey two-day round-robin tournament on Saturday, April 22nd and Sunday, April 23rd.