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Featured Skater: Fuhgeddaboudit

Meet our featured skater for May, Fuhgeddaboudit! Find out what her pre-bout rituals are and what roller derby means to her in this exclusive feature.

Featured Skater: Toni Montana

September’s Featured Skater is Toni Montana! What’s the background on your name/number? “When I first started skating in 2011, I had a lot of great ideas like T-Wrexx, but all the good names were taken. A teammate, Molly Whomp, gave me the idea of Toni Montana and I ran with it. I’m not super creative.

Featured Skater: Annie Trackburne

Meet August’s featured skater, Annie Trackburne! What’s the background on your name/number? “Annie Blackburn is one of my favorite characters in Twin Peaks, and she showed up in episode 24. Kind of boring…” Derby History/Athletic Background (if any): “I played for 3 seasons with Bleeding Heartland, and then 3 seasons with Windy City. I took

Featured Skater: Sis Boom Bonnie

Meet July’s featured veteran skater, Sis Boom Bonnie! Affectionately called Sis, Sis Boom Bonnie is a loyal, headstrong Taurus and jill of all trades within Providence Roller Derby as Community Relations Coordinator and Inter-league Captain of the Killah Bees travel team. What’s the background on your name/number? “My name comes from a Garbage Pail Kid Card.

Providence’s Own craisy dukes on!

WFTDA highlights Providence skater craisy dukes!  My “skating background” before derby was 8-year-old birthday parties at Star Wheels. The governing body of Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby (WFTDA) features one skater from around the world each month that have impacted their league or the sport as a whole (and have been around the block a few times).

Featured Skater: Dita Von Muerta

Meet May’s featured new skater, Dita Von Muerta! At a time when most kids are busy trudging through the dreaded pre-teen years, Dita Von Muerta had just started college at the young age of 13! Dita Von Muerta brought her fearlessness and wit to the game, as one of the eleven graduating recruits from the first