August 31: Honeys vs. Mob and PRD Juniors!

PRD is back in Providence this summer for a Home Season full of fun, excitement, and competition!

Providence Roller Derby Old Money Honeys vs. Mob Squad and PRD Juniors

First up, PRD Juniors will take the track and show us the future of derby!

Next, the Old Money Honeys take on the Mob Squad in the deciding game of the 2019 Home Season – who will make it to Champs this year? Coming off a win against the Mob last summer, the Honeys are looking to secure their spot in Champs, but the Mob aren’t ready to bury this year’s bodies yet!

First whistle at 5pm
Rain date Sunday, 9/1

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ALEX AND ANI City Center
Providence, RI
(located in Burnside Park next to Kennedy Plaza)