Recruitment: Join Our Family!

So you want to be a derby athlete? Read on!


Recruitment runs for 2 -10 week programs (10 weeks skating skills + 10 weeks contact skills) and includes a skills clinic, weekly practice, volunteer expectations and two assessments. The majority of Recruitment events happen in the evening.


General Contact –

Smashley Olsen – Lead Recruitment Coach
Nutritional Beast – Recruitment Coach
Goldie Glocks – Operations Manager

After reviewing the overview below, please reach out to the general email,, with questions or to be put on our email list!

Please join our Facebook group, Providence Roller Derby Recruitment too! This is where times for practice and recruitment events will be listed.


  • Must be 18+ to be a PRD skater
  • Regular attendance at weekly practice. Practice is tentatively scheduled on Friday or Wednesday nights. Changes in the schedule will be noted ahead of time.
  • Physical ability to perform skills safely.
  • Skate equipment including helmet, mouth guard, elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads and quad skates. Additional protective gear is optional.
  • Volunteering at PRD bouts to learn the rules of the sport and get to know PRD skaters. This can include volunteering as an NSO (non-skating official).
  • Volunteering at community events.
  • Financially responsible for purchasing skating gear and paying monthly practice dues.

Interested in becoming an NSO or Referee? Contact for more information.